How Did Andy Warhol Influence Pop Art

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Anjali Simon

Mr. Morris/ Mr. Reilly/ Mr. Hoffman

American Studies 1242

25 May 2017

Andy Warhol and Pop Art

“His art was interesting as phenomena, but not terribly deep” (Moss 1). These word are uttered by photographer Larry Fink, expressing his opinion on the paintings by Andy Warhol, and his influence during the Pop Art era. Pop Art used images from popular culture such as Marilyn Monroe and Campbell soup cans. Andy Warhol was a leading artist in the movement.

Among his many painting are his CampBell 's soup cans and Heinz Ketchup bottle. He painted everyday object over and over again to prove America was a consumer Society (Gyure 1). Warhol’s subjects were everyday products and famous movie stars. Andy Warhol was an important individual in American Art, because he started a new movement in art called Pop Art.

Warhol was influenced by 1950’s America which was a land of conformity and consumerism. People worshipped Hollywood stars and everyday items rather than God. "Pop art expressed the idea that the American common stock of shared cultural Knowledge no longer came from high-culture sources such as literature or mythology, or from religion, but rather from television, movies, and advertisements” (Gyure 2). The american society during the 1950s were centered around commercialism. Warhol criticized the ideals of the 1950’s through his paintings which he created in the 1960’s. “Pop art marked an important new stage in the breakdown between high and low art
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