How Did Antwone Use Verbal Abuse

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ackground: Antwone Fisher was born on August 3, 1959 in a correctional facility home for young women in Ohio. Antwone does not know the reason of his mother, Eva Mae Fisher’s incarceration. Antwones father was twenty-three year old Edward Elkins, who was shot and killed two months before his birth. After his birth, Antwone was sent to an orphanage by state social services. Antwones mother never came to see or claim him after her release from her incarceration. He stated how he always wanted to see his mother and used to daydream of a large family, with a huge banquet waiting in his honor. After living in the orphanage, he was sent to the foster home of Mrs. Tate in Cleveland. In this foster home, he suffered some very unpleasant things. He suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a babysitter, who forced him to perform sexual favors for her. According to Lopez, Rosa…show more content…
Mrs. Tate who was an exemplary "Christian" in church, but a horrific caregiver at home. Mrs. Tate was violently abusive of Antwone. Throughout his childhood, he suffered substantial physically, sexually, and verbal abuse by members of that family until he left their home at age 14. Antwone got into trouble and spent his later teen years in a reform school, a prison for juveniles. All these factors generated valid explanations for Antwone to be angry at society. Antwone demonstrated resilient qualities by snubbing a life of delinquency and viciousness that would have come so with no trouble, particularly after reform school. As an alternative, he signed up for the Navy to escape homelessness. Leon, Ragsdale, and Miller (2008), states that “Research indicates that the possibility of multiple foster care placements, disrupted medical and educational services, and the potential for abuse while in foster care all place youth in substitute care at risk of increased health, developmental, and psychological problems” (p.
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