Roman Architecture Methods

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The Romans were a great empire and have changed the way architecture is today. When they first started they were greatly influenced by the Greek’s. Over time they took the Greek’s methods and techniques and refined them making them better and making them their own. Through the Romans long refining process of the Greek 's methods the Romans have made architecture what it is today. The Romans methods are still used today to make lots of buildings and houses and will be used for centuries to come.
The Romans were great architects compared to other nations back in their time. They mainly copied greek designs of building, materials, and techniques when they first started out and they slowly refined their own techniques, materials, and building designs. When the Romans first started out long before concrete made its appearance on the building scene in Rome the Romans utilized a volcanic stone native to Italy called tufa to construct their buildings (Hays). Although tufa never went out of use travertine began to be utilized in the late 2nd century B.C.E. because it was more durable (Hays). Also its off white color made it a good substitute for marble. Roman concrete was made from volcanic ash, lime, water and fragments of brick and stones added for strength and color(Ambler). Roman concrete was the first building material to be held up
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Roman innovations in architecture, consisting of concrete, arches, vaults, domes, and roads, allowed Romans architects to build bigger more structurally sound buildings and their concepts are still used today. I think without the Romans techniques, methods, and designs we would have a way different view of architecture today. To this day Romans techniques and methods are used to build tons of building and houses every day. In conclusion the Romans have changed the way architecture is today and have given us a lot of the ideas of architecture that we use
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