How Did Ariel Castro A Victim Of Abuse

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Ariel Castro was born in Puerto Rico on July 10th 1960. He moved to Cleveland, Ohio as a child to be closer to his extended family. Castro grew up in a Hispanic community in Cleveland and eventfully married and had four children. In 1992, Castro bought a house at 2207 Seymour Avenue. He intended to grow old in this house with his wife and children, but he was a violent man who abused his wife often and as a result, she left him in 1996 and took full custody of their four children. Figueroa, Castro wife, had suffered multiple injuries from his abuse, including broken ribs, and a blood clot in her brain. Her family recalled her being isolated from them, they were never allowed in the house, and she was not allowed out without him. Her lawyer…show more content…
He would hold her captive for over ten years. Michelle Knight, a victim of rape, which leads to her being a young single mother, had recently had her son taken away from her when her mother's boyfriend beat the toddler to the point of injury. This apparently made her a flight risk causing the FBI to drop her case a year after the missing’s person report was filed. This astounds me to think that just because the woman lost her child, we should accept that she must have just run away. There's no other possibly so we should just stop investing our time and resources in this case. The police in Cleveland later said that they have low resources and too many missing person’s cases. There is only one officer assigned to each case and after the initial investigation, they wait for either the body show up of for a miraculous return to occur. That is apparently the best they can do. When Michelle if first taken she doesn’t realize it. Castro brings her to his house and leads her upstairs to where the puppies supposedly are. When she gets upstairs, he leads her to a pink bedroom, she walks in ready to pick a puppy and he closes the door. He pushes her down and uses extension cords to tie her up and suspends her from a rafter in the room. He then stuffs her mouth with a hand towel and tapes it in place and leaves her like that overnight. The next day he brings her to the basement. There is a pole in the middle of the basement that he chains her to. He then put a motorcycle helmet over her head to muffle her screams while he rapes her. He rapes her multiple times a day and keeps her chained upstairs or in the basement with all windows boarded over and music playing to drown out any sounds she makes. She attempted to escape whenever he would mess up and leave the chains unlocked or a door

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