How Did Art Impact The Harlem Renaissance

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The eight early twentieth century artists that we researched each represent or impact the Harlem Renaissance through their art. While I was searching, I was surprised to notice names such as Van Gogh and Picasso appeared on our list, but after further research it began to make sense that if artists went to Europe, they were bound to bring back art styles that were common in Europe. Also, when I was investigating the paintings, many patterns began to stick out. I would say the art shown does not have an analytical or political tone but a more colorful, expressive, light-filled, and emotional feel. For example, most of the artists used very vivid colors in mostly bright settings as opposed to dull black and white colors. Additionally, humans were the focus of all of the paintings. In some, humans were doing mundane actions such as reading or dancing, while in others it was just a simple portrait.
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