How Did Art Influence The Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a great period for many different civilizations, because so many things seemed to be happening. The world and how it looked and operated seemed to change more during this time period than it has in almost any other up to this point. I am going to share some examples of people and groups of people that had the biggest influence during this time. There was an economic revival so that knights could be paid, because of this fewer and fewer lords were using them as protection. Also gunpowder, cannons, and the long bow were invented which took away some of the power of knights. Stone castles were no longer the best fortress because of the invention of the cannon. The Renaissance helped push the idea of states because cities became wealthier.…show more content…
Greek and Latin were needed to translate old manuscripts. Humanism sparked the self-development idea which meant everyone needed to be educated on how to do something because we are the only people that will make our society better. Poets like Petrarch, and Dante were the spark of this humanism movement and became political figures because of their new innovative ideas. Artists like Masaccio, Donatello, and Brunelleschi had a huge influence on art during the renaissance. Masaccio was only alive for twenty-seven years, and in considered the most influential artist of his time. He was known for developing a style that caused a three dimensional illusion, which had never been seen until this point. Donatello lived for one-hundred years was born in 1386, died in 1486, and was most famous for the sculpture of David in Florence among many other things. He was also was very influential in his perspective style of art. During the renaissance period history became important and necessary because we realized that we can learn a lot from we had done in the past. The renaissance was a blending of curiosity, artistry, and an endless hungry for knowledge and
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