How Did Art Influence The Renaissance Movement

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The Renaissance movement was the bridge because it was the beginning of individual thought, and appreciation of literature and the arts. People began to think for themselves, people started to come up with many great ideas, rebirth, and cultural expansion. In this time period with your enemies your suppose to be tough and with others be cool, and everyone needed to be good at writing, latin and greek, poetry, speaking and history. As it says in (Document 1). The ideas that have given civilization the drive to rise from a period where the fallow of social, cultural, economical regression. A new system of astronomy and the discovery and exploration of new continents was accompanied by a flowering of philosophy, literature and especially art. Painting was very important in this time period. In (Document 2) its says we want a divinci painting, they wanted it in color, and they also said paint them as young Jesus. Renaissance painters was more realistic. Art perceived as a royalty of ancient traditions, took as its foundation the art of Classical antiquity. The influences upon the development of…show more content…
Jakob Burckhardt was born in Basel, where his father was a minister in the Reformed church, he discussed the total life of the people, including religion, art and literature. Gold and silver are riches but they care more about fire and water (Document 3). They think that fire and water are more important than riches. Life would be nothing without fire and water. The world is becoming more cultural and religions are all accomplished in the english court the golden age will begin again (Document 8). In the past people were corput and all they wanted was the money and it was all about the money, in the renaissance the people were awesome and the people wasn't just focused on the money, they actually cared about their

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