How Did Arthur Radley Get A Guilty Conviction

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Arthur Radley should receive a guilty conviction of second degree murder, because not only is there medical evidence and key witnesses, but his past record has shown he is prone to recklessness. Although, Arthur Radley did a courageous act of bravery in trying to protect the children, there were other ways to prevent Mr. Ewell from hurting the minors. Mr Ewell’s ill intentions and previous malicious actions have shown he needed to punished but not without a trial and a jury. With both the physical proof and the testimonies it is quite obvious what happened and who committed the crime. Without searching for reasons Arthur Radley killed a man in cold blood and should receive a guilty conviction. A guilty conviction by reason of medical and physical evidence includes Bob Ewell’s bloody knife, Arthur Radley’s fingerprints, and the actual wound. On the night of the murder Arthur Radley had been following Bob Ewell who had been following the children.(pg. 262) When Mr. Ewell was poised to attack Mr. Radley quickly intervened. In the process his fingerprints were left on the murder weapon. In addition, the blood on the knife was identified as Bob Ewell’s. Overall the physical and medical evidence ties in with each other, for without one piece there could not be the other. Testimonies of key witnesses who would have been privy…show more content…
Radley participated in foul and reckless actions as a youth, from which the consequences were long lasting. As a young man Mr. Radley was involved with local riffraff and was almost sent to jail. Instead his father kept Mr. Radley indoors with no communication to the outside world throughout his life, as an alternative punishment. This could have affected both his physical and mental state, stunting his mental development. In addition, could have also made him dangerous because of his urge to be outside. In sum, the punishment of isolation most likely hindered Mr. Radley’s development, and making him likely to commit this

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