How Did Atticus Win The Trial

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Atticus Finch, the best lawyer in Maycomb, was sitting nervously in his chair as he waited for the town Judge to arrive in court. Tom Robinson, Atticus client, was in court for raping a white women. Which he didn’t do. Tom looked over to Atticus in a deep, scared voice “we won 't win. Look at the way everyones looking at me. They hate me. I 'm black, they won 't let me go.” Atticus said with the most softest voice he could have and said “don 't worry i got this.” Atticus was trying his best to show the judge that Tom was innocent with all the evidence he had, but most of the town is very racist. So it 's very hard to convince anyone in the jury to be convinced that Tom did not do it. Everyone questioned everything Atticus had to support Toms innocents. He started to get frustrated about everyone getting mad at him for trying to help a black man and defending him. Tom was very grateful for all the hard work Atticus has done for him in the court. Even though they haven 't won the case yet Tom still…show more content…
As this carried on in court Tom got more and more nervous towards the end. Atticus kept saying to him “I got this” like it would help him but that didn 't help Tom at all. He was also starting to worry about what would happen if they did win. People would be so mean to him. They would try to get him in court again to put him in jail. After all the fighting was over, everyone sat down in there seats and looked at the judge for an answer if Tom Robinson was innocent or guilty. When the judge hit his mallet once for everyone to be quiet and said “GUILTY!!!” Tom started to cry and say “no, no, please, no, no.” Atticus couldn 't do anything about it, all he did was stand there with useless belief. Atticus watched the police step in the jury and drag Tom Robinson away, and tom is still yelling “no, please, no, let me go, please, no! Atticus started to remember saying to Tom in the beginning “I got this” but he didn 't, they lost. Atticus felt so bad for Tom but couldn 't
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