How Did Avid Change My Life

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A person isn 't just born the way they are today. They change themselves throughout their lifetime. Not only does a person grow and change physically, but their personality along grows with them. Through a person 's life they shape who they become to be based on past experiences. The reason that everyone acts differently is because everyone has lived their own life. Based on my life so far two things that are a part of me that helped mold me to who I am today is my involvement in marching band, as well as the AVID program. Even before I had my first day of school at McGavock high school I had already been going to practices for the marching band. I had just been a freshman when I joined, and I had not known about the long legacy that…show more content…
Avid has academically shaped me through leaps and bounds. I had always maintained pretty satisfying grades in school, but Avid has improved me so much. It had helped me stay organized with my school work along with how to manage my time. The main reason I had joined Avid is because I want to be prepared for college when it approaches. Avid will hopefully help me find the right school along with steering me in the right direction. Avid has shown me that with some hard work I can make my dream of attending college a reality. Avid has already shaped me in a way so where school is my number one priority but also that college isn 't for anyone, and it is not a given right it a privilege that I have to work for. If I want to go bad enough and I put in the effort that it will all pay off in the end. This navigator scholarship will help me continue my education and have the chance to attend Tennessee Tech. I am determined to attend college no matter what, but this scholarship will allow me to peruse a four year university. I need this scholarship, because without it I will not be able to fulfill the tuition cost of a four year university. Now with the help of the Navigator I look forward continue my education, as well as start new
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