How Did Babe Ruth Change The World

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Babe Ruth
George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895, in Baltimore, Maryland. George didn’t get the name “Babe” until his years in the baseball career. The boys on his team started calling him “the Babe” and soon it stuck. Babe Ruth was a well know man in his day and also in the world today. Babe was an outstanding pitcher as well as a great athlete in the outfield. He was one of the first five players to be inducted into baseball Hall of Fame. Over the time in his career, Ruth broke many records. He had the most years in leading a league in home runs, most total bases in a season, and the highest slugging % for a season. Ruth was a good man who loved the sport and always put in all he had. He hit 714 home runs, and this mark stood
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Mr. Ruth socially changed the world, sports no longer became just sports, and were now a social aspect of life. People who showed up and went to sports games were then a somebody. People from all over the US traveled to watch Mr. Ruth swing his bat and hope that he would hit a home run like he could and was known for. Babe Ruth socially changed the world and the game of baseball. Some even state that “Ruth is the greatest player in baseball history, having glamorized the sport with each record he set.” Ruth not only set records in his time playing baseball but also made the game livelier, and improved the radio fan’s listening experience. Babe Ruth is a man who will never be forgotten about in…show more content…
Ruth still holds of the top single-season home run performances. He is 4th all-time for RBI’s, he hold a team single-season record in runs with 177 in 1921, a record of total bases with 457 in 1921, batting average of .393 in 1923, and a slugging percentage of .847 in 1920. Ruth still holds career records in runs of 1,959, home runs of 659, total bases of 5,131, and his batting average of .349. These records changed the history of baseball and lead his team to achieve many goals and World Series’. Babe Ruth was an outstanding player who through all these things changed the history of the game and the history of the

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