How Did Babe Ruth Impact The World

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Have you ever wondered how Babe Ruth, Eminem, and Michael Jordan have affected our world? All of these people inspired other people to do good work and deeds. All of these players showed courage by trying their hardest, and they showed grit by being determined to achieve their goals. First, Babe Ruth impacted our world by inspiring and helping others. For example, “He lived in Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and was excellent at baseball.” This proves that Babe Ruth was not rich growing up another example of that would be that, “In his 1921 season Ruth blasted a new record of 59 home runs and drove in 171 RBI’s.” This shows that even though you don’t grow up rich you can still accomplish anything. Finally, “When Babe Ruth retired he held a amazing 56 records at the time, including 714 home runs.” These all show that Babe Ruth inspired others to do good deeds and to make them try their hardest. …show more content…

He was poor in his early childhood and then started to get determined to make money for his mom. For example, “When he was a teenager he would read the entire dictionary to find words to rap with.” This shows that if you try you can learn new things like new words. Another example is that, “He had won 15 Grammy awards during his career.” This shows that even if you grow up poor you can still do anything if you try. Finally, “He won best selling artist of the 2000’s.” This shows that you can do anything to put your mind to it. These all show that Eminem inspires others, always wants people to try as hard as he did, and that he showed grit because he always

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