How Did Balance Of Power Affect African American Imperialism

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During the period circa 1850 C.E. to 1890 C.E., the results of the encroachment on the British colonization led to countless victories for the British. This led to a lot of changes for African societies. Because of the tactics of social stratification, the destruction of balance of power, and a loss of land and valuable resources, the Africans experienced devastating deprivations.
The effects during the period of Imperialism created a system of social class and stratification. In the excerpt from Technology Colonialism it stated, "These examples show a three level pyramid of how tech companies view the world: elites at the top who do what they will, minions in the middle who do their bidding, and the masses at the bottom who are mined for
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In the article Balance of Power International Relations it states, ". . . underwent drastic changes for all practical purposes destroyed the European power structure." The policy of balance of power is when a nation matches its power to the power of the other side. The advantageousness of power that the Europeans had in the political world didn't match those of African territory. In the same article Balance of Power International Relations it asserts, ". . . political alignments triggered a process that eventually culminated in the integration of most of the world's nations into a single balance-of-power system." Initially, the European balance of power was flexible and stable. Because of the complexity of European countries, the balance of power is now seen as inconsistent. Europe has a greater capability to sustain and fulfill their necessities like food, water, and shelter than Africa. As the balance of power was typically destroyed, this gave other nations an opportunity to adopt new forms of politics and economics. It also opened the doors for many European countries in Africa. An example of this is the Berlin Conference. The Berlin Conference was basically a consultation of European countries that regulated European trade and colonization in Africa, where they took the whole continent of Africa and split it where each European nation got a piece which that heightened the power of these countries. Now so, the balance of power is seen as irrelevant, but led to many successful
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