How Did Barbie Change Over Time

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Barbie was created by Ruth Handler, with assistance from Jack Ryan, an engineer. The controversial toy was released by the brand Mattel in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Barbie has had many alterations throughout its years. These changes occurred because of many things, one of which being fashion. The fashion of Barbie has changed due to the change in fashion in the world. Over time, things such as interests have also changed. Beliefs have also changed to fit with new eras and people and their mindset have become more diverse. All of these changes have contributed to the evolution of Barbie, and have helped the development of society.

The fashions of Barbie have changed over time. This is to fit in with the new fashions
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In the 50s, women were expected to be housewives. This is why Barbie had no careers in the early years; she was just created to look attractive. Over time, she began to have more career options and choices, and there were many new different types of Barbies that were created. Music and dance have also helped shape the change of Barbie. In the 50s, rock and roll was a popular genre of music. This also contributed to the way Barbie looks, and her style of clothing and fashion. The 60s had styles of rock and swing, and this also contributed to Barbie’s style of hair, her more colourful clothes, and general features. In the 70s, disco was very popular, and Barbie began to wear clothes that would be seen at a typical 70s disco. The 80s then arrived, and so did the popular music genres of pop/rock. This then contributed to clothing changes and hair changes. Hair became bigger, and Barbie became even more accessorised and over the top. In the 90s, music styles such as grunge and rap became popular. This saw Barbie having a more grunge style, but she still had bright colours. People’s interests and women’s career options changed, and Barbie changed to suit these…show more content…
The fashions of Barbie have altered due to the changing fashions in society. The interests of people, such as music and career options have become different too. Society’s views on how women should look and behave have also altered, and Barbie has changed to fit with this theme. Barbie has become a huge part of the lives of young girls, and has been a toy that many people have grown up with. Barbie will continue to evolve and become popular in many new ways in the
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