How Did Barbie Change The World

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Once the doll came out in 1959, they soon were flying off the shelfs. When Handler Handler believed "Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices” ("Entrepreneur in from History”). Barbie was always clothed in many different kinds of unique jobs that women had never had the chance to be. Girls could now play with this doll and say to themselves that they could be more than just a homemaker. Girls then had this choice of following their dreams rather than for the world to shun them out. Young girls of that generation could dream of being anything they wanted to be. They had more hope that their dream would bloom into an amazing and beautiful reality. It would show that one day girls will be on top of the world. This toy is just so powerful, it made girls to dream big about their future.…show more content…
She became part of that child through those growing up years. Many of those children set their life’s dreams, their goals, through Barbie. Many of them said Barbie helped them achieve those dreams. That’s a pretty heavy thing, but it’s true” (“Entrepreneur in from History”). Barbie change the lives of little children and these barbies were like their support in life because it helped them dream and achieve. This doll has affected many girls in a positive as they are successful in their own way to. Although the success she has made has been a dramatic increase over the years, it was not that easy to get where this product is

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