How Did Bartolome De Las Casas Failure

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Bartolomé de Las Casas was born to an aristocratic family in Seville of 1484. In 1502, Las Casa left for Hispaniola seeking land. While in the Americas, Las Casas began to evangelize the Indians. By 1512, Las Casas became one of the first ordained priest in the Americas. While on conquest, he witnessed the atrocity and brutality towards the Indians. This inhumane treatment led him to Spain to seek better treatment towards them. Las Casas sought better methods for Spanish conquest, with the support of the emperor, Charles V, he built a new colony that consisted of the Spaniards and the Indians, but his attempt failed. This failure didn’t stop Las Casas from doing religious services. In 1523, he moves to Santo Domingo where he produced his great
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