How Did Basketball Affect American Culture

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The Effects of Basketball on American Culture and Life What is basketball and how does it effect our life and culture? Basketball a game created, and inspired by Dr. Naismith a school teacher. He created a small game much like the game of basketball to day but on a smaller scale with some key differences. Dr. Naismith’s game had 13 rules ,and now the NBA has 10 rules with different sections and articles about the rules. The first competitive game of game of basketball was played between to competing YMCA’s. The was attended by several women and ended in a tie. Thus the popularity of the game increased ,and later brought along the creation of the NBA. In 1896 Basketball was seen as to rough of a sport so it was later moved to different places to be played. 1898 the first pro league was Made revolutionizing and changing the way sports were looked at in america. 1904 the game hit the Olympics and later became an international sport be played all over the world. the sport has many positive effects on the people who play it also. April 24, 1996 The WNBA was created showing that not only women…show more content…
Michael Jordan a former professional basketball player also considered one of the best to ever play the game has changed the league in many ways. Jordan born in Brooklyn, New York 1963, achieved many great goals during his college ,and high school career. Jordan changed the face of the NBA forever becoming a iconic “poster child” for the NBA because of his significant play style. The great contributions he made to the sport helped catapulted the game into a new level of popularity globalizing the sport even more. Jordan also influenced some of todays great players in the NBA now. His career in basketball left many many positive effects on people who played basketball and the game of basketball its
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