How Did Ben Carson Become Successful

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In Gifted hands Dr.Carson created an acronym called THINK BIG. THINK BIG helped other people become successful in life. T for talent because you need some sort of talent in order to achieve anything like a job. Dr.Carson had many talents such as being very good in math,being able to see in three dimensions, and being an amazing surgeon(obviously). Use this talent and you will get far in life. H for honesty because will keep you safe and keep you out of trouble. Ben carson showed honesty basically everywhere in his life and almost never lied and look where he is now. I for insight because people need to listen so they will learn and grow like Ben did. N is for nice because being nice makes friends and friends are the one things in the world that are best to have at rough times. Ben was supported by many of his fellow workers when times were tough like with the the failure of the twins.…show more content…
You need the smarts to get better at what you love. Knowledge also is just a good thing to have because you can think your way out of things. Ben showed knowledge by finding another way to get his grades up in college when he was failing. He used books since it was the reason he got smarter before. B for books because reading is always a good choice if nothing else is working out. When ben could not understand his teacher in college,he decided to turn to books. You can read them on and on without any restraint. The second I in THINK BIG is In-depth learning. When you learn are study for a quiz,you 're not learning anything you 're just pushing knowledge into your brain that you 're gonna forget. So go in for it. Learn something that will be remembered and edged into your brain. Go in-depth. The G is god. Some people believe in him and some don 't but if you do life is gonna be easier with him by your side. Ben Carson needed his help many times and prayed to him a
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