How Did Benito Mussolini Create Fascism

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In 1919, Benito Mussolini created fascism in Italy, starting the conflicts we have had throughout history. After the war, “He organized several right-wing groups into a single force and, in March 1919, formed the Fascist Party—the movement proclaimed opposition to social class discrimination and supported nationalist sentiments, hoping to raise Italy to levels of its great Roman past.” In 1922, Italy’s government system began to turn into chaos, and Benito Mussolini offered to help make it right. By 1925, he was a dictator who carried out a large public works program and reduced unemployment, making all of Italy adore him. From that moment forward, he created an astonishing military force. Mussolini’s military strategies caught the eye of Adolf Hitler, the creator of the German Nazi Party. The American Nazi Party was founded by George L. Rockwell in 1959. His plan was to create ideas, similar to Hitler’s. However, Nazism has been going on since the 1920’s. After the war, Rockwell wanted to keep Nazism in America. In order to appeal media…show more content…
Benito Mussolini created an evil idea, and people have suffered it for decades. It is affecting us now because we elected a president who has no experience, he is prejudice against certain races, and makes unnecessary remarks. We will go to war many times within the next four years because of our mistakes and our judgments. We have created the KKK, one of the worst Supremacist groups in America, Neo Nazis, Black Separatists, Skinheads, White Nationalists, and many more. America is rotting every second it stands. We have had good presidents such as: Lincoln, Roosevelt, Obama, and we have had bad presidents such as: Andrew Johnson, George Bush, and soon to be Trump. If we Americans don’t come together, then we will fall as a nation, or even worse get taken over by another country. We are a strong nation, and we will continue to be if we stick together and make the right
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