How Did Benito Mussolini Rise To Power

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Benito Mussolini, the now deceased dictator of Italy from 1925 to 1943, was the glimmering hope that the people of Italy looked to during their time of need. Some considered him a leader, a dictator, and even a God. Not many people know how he attained this power or what went wrong that led to his demise. Yet, he was able to leave his mark on Italy throughout his reign and even some time after. Mussolini’s rise and fall to power as dictator of Italy is attributed to his control over the people, him maintaining a good image towards the people and foreign countries, his economic decisions, and his inability to make effective decisions.

As a young boy Mussolini grew up in a poor household with a brother and a sister. Some common household rules were to never show fear and to show respect to those who deserve it. His father, Alessandro Mussolini, was a very tough blacksmith who supported the left wing socialists. He was the one who would use corporeal punishment on his children if he didn’t believe that they lived up to his standards. (Smith 1) He was
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Sadly, that did not last as long as he possibly hoped. He never had the right things going for him to make the long run. Maybe if he had approached things differently, he could have stayed dictator for longer. He could have let others take some credit and do the work that they were trained to do instead of making decisions by himself. He was power greedy and tried to take more than he could handle. This can even relate to current events where a country is over expanding in hopes for more power. As a result their economy suffers and their people unsatisfied with life. (Russia) No matter what Mussolini could have done or should have done, he was the one who controlled the people, made the economic decisions, and made bad decisions in general. These decisions were what defined Mussolini and his rise and fall to power as Italy’s
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