How Did Benjamin Franklin Become Popular

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Benjamin Franklin played many roles rather than just being the president. He was well known in the eighteenth century, especially in the western world of the eighteenth century. At the time Benjamin Franklin was the center for everyone and there is no doubt he was a piviotal part of many people’s lives. Benjamin Franklin lived in heart’s of many for many reasons in particularly for his hard work in gaining independence for the United States. Franklin also had a hand in establishing the U.S. as a nation. He did this by forming the first public library. Franklin was important too many individuals that changed lives by, providing opportunities that included public services more than science. Add more At the time, many individuals had little to no access for reading materials such as books. Books were either uncommon or not affordable to many families in the 1730s. With the difficulty to own books, having a library facility also did not exist. The individuals who did own such luxury were people of the higher class, such as the clergy or the rich. The poor or locals who worked on a daily basis could not afford such…show more content…
In the year 1726, Benjamin Franklin set up his highest goal on the attainment of moral perfection. His perspective is portrayed in his quote. ”Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Franklin spent less time in leisure, as he found it unproductive. Even though Franklin was famous for various things, his views on work, ethic, moral perspectives and his urge for self improvement claimed to be the main reason for his fame. In order to not commit any fault, Franklin developed his thirteen virtues. He began jotting down what virtues he had been obeying as well as the mistakes he would have made small or big. Developing the thirteen virtues was easier than actually following
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