How Did Benjamin Franklin Contribute To The American Dream

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Benjamin Franklin: The Inventor of the American Dream
Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was a brilliant and a creative man. He was experienced in many different fields. For example, he was an important diplomat, a talented inventor, and a famous author after publishing his own autobiography. In general, he was a polymath who had an important role in the early life of America. He had many quintessential factors about him and many admired him for that. Ambition, hard work, strength, and common sense were clearly displayed in his personality. Franklin had a passion for life and I think that he showed it to us by his many accomplishments. Benjamin Franklin is the ideal American and the one who revealed what is meant by the American dream. Before Franklin became the famous man who can anything and everything, he was a penniless man. By the age of 17 Franklin quit the apprenticeship that he had with his brother and moved to a new city on his own. “… I found myself in New York near 300 Miles from home, a boy of but 17, without the least recommendation to or knowledge of any
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Like, sighing the declaration of independence and inventing the lighting rod which protects buildings from lighting strikes. Nevertheless, his greatest invention was and is the American Dream. He proved that through hard work any American can achieve the dream. Although he arrived to Philadelphia almost penniless, with his hard work and little help of luck he was able to make a fortune and retire at the age 42. Franklin’s definition of the American dream implied that everyone had a chance to reach the life of liberty and peruse happiness. Even those who did not accomplish their goals franklin considered that they a made commitment to their country because they believed in hard labor. Franklin established a common goal to the American culture which is based on hard work and
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