How Did Beowulf Fight

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Beowulf's last fight is against a dragon, the exact opposite of a chieftain or a lord. While a chieftain gives treasure, the dragon takes it into its hoard. So, it is a fight against exact opposites, chieftain against dragon, good butting heads with evil. But, why did Beowulf fight, if he knew he was going to die? Let's see if I can find out. In this part of the poem, Beowulf has "[grown] old and wise, As warden of the land" (2208b-09). He's lived a long, productive life, which was rare for people back then. He has established his title as a hero, by fighting Grendel and Valk-komma* and by establishing peace for the Danes, the people he has ruled.
*Note: That is the name I gave Grendel's mother. Since Beowulf is a hero, a king, and a chieftain,
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