Bernard Montgomery's Methods Of Military Leadership

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Harlaxton College In What Ways Did Bernard Montgomery Influence and Reflect His Time? Betsy Hannon Dr. Edward Bujack British Studies 28 March 2018 Bernard Montgomery's methods of military leadership broke the mold of conventional military patterns. This made Montgomery one of the most successful generals, in the British Army, during the time of World War II. His main influence for his pride in leadership happened during World War I, but World War II is where Montgomery's methods of military leadership flourished. Bernard Montgomery is not well known and some people who did know him did not like his unconventional theoretical arrangements, but this did not mean his influence was any less significant. Montgomery once wrote, "Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence' (). Montgomery's leadership is the main reason he was so influential during his time.…show more content…
He brought professional and organized training and planning to the table. Even though Montgomery was a very mediocre man, he knew how to emphasize an effective basis for his leadership. He knew his strengths and weaknesses and used these limitations to succeed in the military field. People used to say that Bernard Montgomery was born for nothing other than the military life and he showed that this was almost one hundred percent true through his professional training and hard work toward the mastery of his job. Montgomery knew that if everyone he was training put his fundamentals forward they could do the same. Montgomery was a person that understood his men and the enemy's men; neither wanted to die and they would do what they needed to survive. Montgomery's men just needed to do it better. He recognized that common human nature and the act of warfare had an essential candor about

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