How Did Bill Clinton Influence The Government

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President Bill Clinton Name Institution 1. Bill Clinton 2. Democratic Party 3. State attorney general (a). 1977-1979 4. (a) Bill Clinton was born in 1946 (b) Bill Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas (c) He attended Georgetown University and later attended Oxford University and has a degree in law from Yale Law School 5. Bill Clinton assumed office after been nominated as the Democratic Party candidate to run for the presidential election he appointed AL Gore to be his running mate and beat his closest opponent George Bush and assumed office in 1993 and his reign lasted for two terms, (Maraniss, 2008). (a) In 1992 Bill Clinton beat the Republican George H.W Bush in the 1992 presidential elections and was elected as the…show more content…
Bush and Rose Perot. (C) 1992 presidential election Bill Clinton won the 1992 election with 43% of the votes while his close opponent George W. bush acquired 38% and Mr. Perot had 18 percent, (Blaney & Bonak, 2001). 1996 presidential election Bill Clinton won the 1996 presidential election with 9,706, 802 votes against 596,422 votes of Lyndon La Rouche who was his closest opponent. (d) Article two sections 1 of the U.S. constitution discusses how the U.S. President is elected and includes six clauses. 6. Bill Clinton appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the United States Supreme Court (a). The U.S. senate confirmed Ruth Bader with a 96 to 3 confirmation vote. Stephen Breyer was confirmed by the senate with an 87 to 9 vote. (b) Article two sections 2 of the U.S. constitution give the president the power to appoint public officials with the consent of the senate. 7. United States has had about 2,570 vetoes (a) Bill Clinton had 37 vetoes issued with 36 regular votes (b) Bill Clinton had only 1 overridden vetoes (c) Article 1 section 7 of the constitution discusses the U.S. president…show more content…
The Act allows the employees to take up unpaid leave to attend to health serious condition of the employees, spouse, and parent or for pregnancy care. The FMLA covers private and public sector employees but excludes elected officials as well as their staff members. 11. Bill Clinton delivered a speech to an audience comprising of 100priests, ministers and other religious leaders. The president apologizes for his action that included justice obstruction and concealing a relationship with Monica Lewinsky who was an intern in the White House. He begins his speech by seeking forgiveness from his family, cabinet and the U.S. Citizens. He pointed out that he was willing to seek pastoral support to assist him in leading America and the world towards freedom, peace harmony and prosperity. Further, he asked for the American people prayers and assistance to help in healing the American Nation. He concluded his speech by thanking the people for their support and asks God to search him.

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