How Did Billy Bud Obtain The Death Penalty

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Billy Bud Sailor Would you bash a man with your fist, if he didn’t understand you? And if so would you get the death penalty? That’s exactly what Billy Bud had to face. Everyone agrees that Billy went to court, and some believe that he shouldn’t have obtained the death penalty, while others think he should. Billy Bud should have obtained the death penalty for these three reasons. Billy can’t control his rage, he is a savage, and Billy murdered a poor old man. The polar thesis that the counter side the counter side will use is Billy shouldn’t have obtained the death penalty. Primarily Billy can’t control his rage. Billy’s strength was as powerful as a bear when he slammed the elderly man. He broke an extreme law that can have him sent to jail for life or be sent to death. By being brutally controlled by anger he lost himself in the process.…show more content…
This fellow is a danger to the people in the community. This poor elderly man misunderstood Billy. Just because Billy was agitated, that doesn’t give him the right to ruthlessly punch the unfortunate old man. The final reason is Billy committed murder. This meager old man couldn’t stand a chance against Billy. Billy Bud had the worst reaction towards the old man. And what Billy pulled off was heartless. Some people say that Billy shouldn’t have obtained the death penalty. They argue that Billy couldn’t talk well and the man was annoying. However this is inadequate because Billy can’t expect everyone to understand him right away, and the man is sluggish and old. When Billy punched him he thought things will be better but it just made it worse. Billy should have retrieved the penalty of death for these three reasons. Billy can’t control his temper, he is a barbaric monster, and he committed a damaging crime. It matters to the crew because they will be judged and taken as murders them
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