How Did Bleeding Kansas Lead To The American War

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Bleeding Kansas Throughout America’s history, a set of events that happened that leads to the civil war in 1861. There are many controversial issues that arose in the mid-1800's. One issue that leads up to the violence was among people who wanted to abolish slavery in the north and the south and others who didn’t. Bleeding Kansas is a term that is used to refer to a violent period in the Kansas territory. It is also known as the border war took place from 1854 to 1859, and the root cause of the war was slavery. Pro-slavery and anti-slavery Proponents fought on whether the territory was going to be slave owned or it was going to be free. This period of American history is important as it sets the stage for the Civil War which occurred five years …show more content…

proponent Charles Sumner and South Carolina's Senator Preston Brooks The growth in leaps and bounds of the Abolitionist Movement contributed to secession. The North was highly polarized against slavery prompting sympathy for abolitionists and against slaveholders. The Dred Scott's Case and the passage of the fugitive slave act put pressure on the South. The act was to provide slave owners with weapons to capture slaves who had escaped to the north. The fight between pro-slavery and anti-slavery proponents in new states gained from the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican War as to whether the states should be free or slave states was a major contributory factor. Controversy further erupted on the lands gained from the Mexican War. In 1846 Tensions were heightened, Wilmot Proviso, which proposed a ban on slavery in these states. It was shot down in the Senate. The country was divided into two groups, anti-slavery or pro-slavery. In 1861, the America civil war had just begun was it ended in 1865. The American civil war is the reason why slaves got their freedom. During the reconstruction era, Congress passed the 13,14,15th amendments that abolished slavery, the rights to citizenship, and the rights to vote for African …show more content…

He became known for his movement that included a small group of people and his sons who wanted to abolish slavery. He wanted to arm southern slaves and lead a slave rebellion. In 1859, he extended the anti-slavery campaign in Virginia by riding the Harper Ferry (Woods 95). The other important person during this period was Stephen Douglas, who conceptualized the Kansas-Nebraska bill, which h after being passed led to violence (Reece 10). Additionally, there is also Franklin Pierce, who was the president that signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The other important person during this time was Henry Ward, who raised money to arm anti-slavery proponents. Brown, freed some slaves and brutally murdered the slave owners, while he was fighting for the slave’s freedom with his sons he became known for his use of violence to achieve his goals. Brown was tried quickly and found guilty of murder, inciting slave insurrection, and treason against the state of Virginia. The nation was divided due to his actions in both in Kansas and at Harpers Ferry. Even though he was the cause of innocent’s death but he was a hero to some people. Brown was hanged on December 2nd 1859. He gave those slaves hope that one day they will be free and he fought for his patient to make them free but violently.at the of his he made the country unite and be one without

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