How Did Bloody Sunday Affect Civil Rights

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Civil rights refers to fighting for equal rights between blacks and whites. It is an important part of history. From time to time, people have been fighting for civil rights for blacks in whites in the mid 1900’s. In fact, Bloody Sunday was probably one of the most important events to have an impact on history for civil rights. Everyday, people struggle to be treated equally and civil rights make it possible for everyone black or white to be treated equally. As a result of Bloody Sunday, this event helped blacks speak up and be heard. The impact Bloody Sunday had on the early struggle for civil rights was, it was a march that first began with 600 people to fight for the rights of African-Americans to vote. On August 6th 1965, the Federal…show more content…
The consequences of peaceful protesting is, the marchers from Selma to Montgomery, had to go back and march three times. The first march didn 't work out and got sent back to the bridge. The second march was when they were crossing the bridge, the police officers attacked them with stick, teargas, clubs, arrested innocent people, guns were fired, knocked people to the ground, whips, rubber tubing wrapped in barbed wire was a weapon that the police officers whipped at the marchers. The third time they went to march, they won Federal Protection and they successfully marched for their cause. The National Guard helped them on the last march. No police officers could turn them back, and they couldn 't beat them in front of the National Guard. These innocent, peacefully protesting people were injured and one was shot and killed. Jimmy Lee Jackson was a 20 year old who was protecting his grandma and mom. He was struck by a club, then shot with a gun. Over 50 people were injured and hospitalized. A couple people died months later because of their injuries. These marchers were not interrupting anybody or bothering anything and the police officers had to take action. They were on the sidewalk of the highway and away from the officers and others. The officers thought they were going to do something bad so they took
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