How Did Bob Marley Affect Pop Culture

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How did a man who died three decades ago influence America? Well, countless people may argue that his biggest influence was of the people of the Caribbean and his home country. Others may argue that his music was the only influence on Americans. However, Bob Marley had an endless amount of influence on Americans. His music affected pop culture, his moral and religious beliefs affected his audience, and his appreciation of marijuana has also affected many Americans, at least the ones who participate in smoking marijuana. Experimented with ska, rock steady, rock, and jazz within his music, Bob Marley affected pop culture. Referred to by the name, “the first pop star of the third world”. He opened the door…show more content…
Some might argue that his appreciation of marijuana had a negative influence on society while others might oppose to such argument. A major factor of his lifestyle was smoking marijuana. No one in history has a major association with smoking marijuana or “herb”, as the Rastafarians called it than Bob Marley. The number has risen in today's society, as an increasing amount of persons tends to smoke marijuana. Despite him being an icon for smoking marijuana, he was also a major supporter of the meditational, the spiritual and the healing abilities of marijuana. Along with that, he was a strong opponent to political forces who used marijuana as a subject for oppression in society. According to the site Bob Marley: History, Bob Marley stated in an interview, “Now, when you smoke, it make you cool, you know? It makes you stimulate your mind and makes you sit down and meditate. Instead, a get foolish, you sit down and you meditate and be someone. Rum teaches to you be a drunkard, and herb teaches you to be someone.” In other words, Bob Marley did not only influence the smoking of marijuana, he stood for the positive effects of marijuana and also stood up to the political forces that used marijuana for

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