How Did Bob Marley Influence Rock And Roll

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Many people throughout history have affected and influenced different styles of music in many ways. To give some examples, The Beatles, Queen and The Rolling Stones (to name a few of the many huge rock and roll bands) affected rock and roll greatly. Along the same lines we have Louis Armstrong influencing jazz and B.B King or Bessie Smith influencing Blues. For reggae, it is a name that, just like all the ones mentioned above, you have definitely heard of before. On February 6, 1945, in a small town of Jamaica, Bob Marley was born. This Jamaican singer introduced the power of reggae to the world. He also remains one of its most beloved artists to this day.
Bob Marley was only a teenager when he moved to Kingston, Jamaica to pursue his music career. He then began playing with people like singer Joe Higgs and he met Bunny O’Riley Livingston, later known as Bunny Wailer and Peter McIntosh, who was know better as Peter Tosh who would be his future band mates. A cool fact is that I learned was that Bunny Wailer was actually one of the inspirations for Marley to being how to learn to play guitar. When they got to Kingston, Marley lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods struggling with poverty, but like many great musicians, this did
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In 1976 he released yet another album, “Rastaman Vibration”. In this same year someone attempted to assassinate Marley. While he did get shot in the bicep and his wife Rita in the head, they were not badly injured. Following this incident, Marley, living in England, went ahead to work on yet more albums. “Exodus” was released in 1977. Sadly, Marley was diagnosed with cancer cells in his toe and the doctors recommended that he amputate it, but he declined as it was against his religion. This obviously didn’t stop him from releasing more albums. He continued with “Kaya”, followed by “Survival” in 1979 and “Uprising” in

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