How Did Britain Decide To Strike The Underbelly

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Through the first great war two of the allies, Britain and France while allies in the war held onto their stark rivalry. Britain’s front on the war quickly developed into a stalemate due to Germany’s well developed technology and the Ottoman empire 's vast size and availability to resources. Due to the incorrect prediction that the war would end by 1914 Britain 's prime minister, Asquith decided that expanding the war and thus straining the central powers resources and men would be the correct course of action to end the world war. This secret plan to “strike the underbelly”(Turkey) of the Central Powers began by a dealing between Britain, France and Russia to unite in order to undermine the Ottoman empire.
Britain began its influence by using the tool of nationalism, Britain pursued dealings with the Arab populations in 1915 in order to strike a deal in which the Arab populations would open a new
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The dealings by Britain were never in favor of those working alongside the great power rather for improving Britain self interest. The multiple contradictions that Britain promised lead to geopolitical instability within the MIddle East and its Arab populations. With the Sykes Picot agreement drawings the lines of the modern Middle Eastern states so crudely; the Balfour declaration creating a divide between the Jewish and Palestinian populations that lead to violent outburst and the continuation of the argument of who rightfully owns the area of Palestine. The husayn McMahon correspondence by Britain created disagreements and confusion that resonates through modern times of why the British backed out from their promise of Independence and confusion for what amount of land would be placed for the Arab nation. Following the failures of Britain executing their promises the great power ensured a future of instability within the region of the Middle East for generations, all caused by a developing and evolving self interest that would impact the world through nearly a

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