How Did Britain Use Propaganda During Ww2

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The British went to war on September 3rd, 1939. The British government and the citizens of Britain knew what Hitler and Nazi Germany were capable of, which led to a series of defensive tactics and planning for the Home Front. The British government did everything in its power to be able to get the people on board with their plans. Britain maintained a strong and stabilized war front via nationwide cooperation such as food rationing, women occupying the work force at home, and using propaganda to increase nationalist sentiment among the British citizens while portraying a negative image of the Nazi Germany through propaganda. During the war food rationing was one of the most important tasks that the government faced. The main source of food for Britain was coming through imports from outside of the United Kingdom (especially by the United States). In order to eliminate this strong suit, Hitler and the Nazi Germany used torpedoes to attack the shipment of food that was being sent to Britain via ships. Due to the fact that Britain is an island, the only way for them to be able to obtain food and resources to thrive is by sea. This was strong tactic by Hitler to try to weaken the British people, and try to turn them against the government. In…show more content…
Many women were forced to take on jobs that men once held before the war. This created many opportunities for women to take on jobs outside of the household. They were given jobs in factories manufacturing planes, weapons, ammunition and other materials that were needed. As one of the propagandas depicts in the document women were still considered to keep their womanhood even taking up jobs that men held. Taking on such jobs empowered women and inspired them to dedicate themselves at the war front at home. Although, they were paid much less than men for the same work, it gave them a sense of purpose and contribution that they didn’t feel they had before the
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