How Did British Colonialism Affect India

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During the 1750-1860, India had the most resources and was the richest country in the world. It looked like they could have been the most powerful country in the world, but their military was still weak. Only a country took advantage of this fact. Britain took control of India through their colonialist policies. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the British still had control of India? The effect that British colonialism had on India was that most of the people there were forced to work for the British. They were not able to handle their own government which caused them to revolt against their own people. As a result the British people took away all of their riches. They were also forced to stay away from the temples and their foods. British Colonialism affected India in their economics, laws, culture, art, and technology. One of the critical impacts that affected India was there economics. One…show more content…
Once most of the Indian population started to lose their job they decided to switch over to the arts and that’s how they were making money. Soon the British started to realize that the people who had a lower income were able to survive with food, water, and shelter. They thought something was not correct. Then they found out that they were making paintings and as a punishment they decided to take all their paintings that had not been sold and sent it back to England for the queen to keep. This impacted the art industry in India and took away their pride. British Colonialism brought positive impact on Technology in India. During the British rule, India opened the first national railway line from Madras and they also launched the first passenger railway line in Bombay. A major impact in technology that Indians adopted was the telegraph line and the postal service. Despite the major changes in law, culture, economics India truly grew in technology during British
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