The Negative Role Of British Imperialism In India

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After losing American Colonies, British imperialist started looking for opportunities in the Far East and India showed great potential. The British entered India as traders with the primary objective to earn profits by carrying on with trade in India. In the early 1800’s the British imperialists started to colonise India for various reasons such as natural resources and land. The colonisation took place during the industrial revolution and this meant cheap labour from people. British-India had two states those under rule of Queen Monarch of Great Britain and the other under rule by the Indian prince who followed British rules. For over 200 years’ Mughal rulers governed a powerful empire in India. In 1614 King James sent the British East Indian Company, a company founded in 1577 by a group of merchants in search of quiet trade, with Sir Thomas Roe to negotiate for permission to establish the East India Company. In 1757 the British gained dominance after winning many victories and gained land at the Battle of Plassey. The British gained the upper hand after the Mughal Empire began to crumble and started to take land for the Monarch of Great Britain.…show more content…
This old political strategy was used to divide the Indian population into manageable chunks and make it impossible for them to come together and fight against the British. They played Indian people against one another; princes against people; Hindu against Muslims; caste against castes and provinces against provinces. There is no doubt that the British could not have controlled India without the co-operation of Indian princes and local leaders, as well as huge numbers of Indian troops, police officers and civil
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