How Did British Colonization Affect India

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Throughout history, many countries were colonized by stronger forces. India is no different; it was colonized by the British during the mid 18th century until the 20th centuries, which is the combination of the eras, also known as the “British rule in Burma”and “British Raj.” Often, it is arguable whether colonization had an influence in forming a societal or cultural aspects of the country that is being occupied. Specifically, if the British colonization of India shaped and had an impact on the culture, education and government rule in India. The first area where the British influenced India’s lifestyle is religion. The British rule had a huge impact on religion in India since the English missionaries established churches in every corner of India. Since the port cities, such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai were accessible with the British navigation, they were the most influential (Influenced??) and susceptible to Christianity (IndiaNetZone). Although only a few parts of the Indian population converted their religion to Christianity, it was successful for the British. No matter what the purpose of converting non-Christian Indians to Christianity is, what is important is the fact that there are Indian Christians today. This shows the fact that the British colonization of India had an impact on…show more content…
The Indian National Congress was established by well-educated native Indians for political rights of the Indians due to the British government that strictly controlled India(Yue). Not only the advent of the political Congress Party, but also Muslim league, which both called for self-government appeared. In addition, many people who fought for the independence of India arose, such as Gandhi and Nehru. Without the British interception of Indian sovereignty, neither the Congress Party nor any Indians for India’s freedom would have

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