How Did Bruce Lee Impact Society

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Bruce Lee and Society
One of the most well-known actors all time is Bruce Lee. Before he was a legendary martial artist, Lee was the son of a chinese opera star. Lee was born in San Francisco but grew up in Hong Kong, where he learned Kung Fu and starred in a few movies as a child actor. He came to America, where he learned about philosophy and eventually starred in his beloved movies. Some of these movies include Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, and Way of the Dragon, and others. Unfortunately, Lee died of an allergic reaction to pain medication while in Hong Kong. After this fatal accident, his body was returned to Seattle, where he was buried. After a separate incident involving a prop gun, Lee’s son Brandon Lee was buried alongside him (History). Lee has since been inducted into several halls of fame been celebrated all over the entire world (Lee). Even after this tragic
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One of the first things he accomplished when he came to the United States was starting a martial arts school where he taught in the early 1960s. Before he became a movie star, he even taught other famous actors (History). Jeet Kune Do was the martial art form created by Lee. This style was an amalgamation of multiple different martial art forms, rather than the more traditional Kung Fu or Karate (Blake). This style was revolutionary in the martial arts world, as it is widely considered to be the predecessor to the modern sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Deservedly, his made him famous beyond film, and information and videos about his real-life exploits can still be found (McDermon). Even most people going to watch his movies only wanted to see Bruce Lee fight off the bad guys once more, as “People squealed in delight so much during his films that a viewer rarely heard all the dialogue,” (Blake). Jeet Kune Do was ultimately an extension of his personal philosophy, which he applied to all aspects of his
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