How Did Brunelleschi Influence The Renaissance

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Brunelleschi and the Renaissance
The Renaissance was a period of artistic brilliance that was born from the ruins of Europe after being ravaged by the horror of the bubonic plague or black death. The Renaissance was a cultural movement based on humanist values derived by great philosophers the most notable being Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. this movement lasted from the 14th to 17th centuries and in these years some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen were sponsored commissioned by the wealthy patrons of the Renaissance. Although nobody can argue that the works of the most famous painters and sculptors were incredible some of the less known Renaissance artists and scientists accomplished just as incredible artistic feats and are far less known for their work than say people like DA Vinci and Michelangelo or Raphael or Donatello one of
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Brunelleschi was most well known for accomplishing one of the greatest architectural feats during the Renaissance, under the patronage of the most wealthy Florentine families the Medici’s he succeeded in completing the dome of the Florence cathedral as well as developing the artistic technique of perspective.…show more content…
After that period little is known about how he made the transition from goldsmithing to architecture.The sacrifice of Isaac by Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti was considered the height of brunelleschi's goldsmithing career and was also the end of it as it was around that time that he started to switch over to
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