How Did Brutus Betray Caesar

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Ever felt betrayed by a friend or even someone considered as family? Yes? Well then most would know how Caesar felt in the story of Julius Caesar. The story Julius Caesar was written by the famous William Shakespeare who created a story base of a true Roman story that was a tragedy. In the story Caesar is to be king of Rome, Brutus plans to kill Caesar for he says that if Caesar were to become king all of the people in Rome would become slaves, although Caesar is Brutus most loved person. Anthony also considers Caesar as his most love person and there doesn’t want Caesar to die. Anthony won the overall fight of speech because of why Brutus betrayed Caesar, what his own thoughts of Brutus reasons were, and what Anthony thought on Caesar’s death himself. Anthony’s speech is more effective than Brutus for the fact that Anthony explained that he never betrayed Caesar like Brutus did, Brutus betrayed Caesar by killing him for the fact that he loved Rome more.…show more content…
In the quote, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more”. Brutus explains that he loved Caesar to his fullest and cared for him deeply, but Rome was more important and loved to him than Caesar would ever be. This goes to show that Brutus loved Rome and people so much that he was will to kill Caesar to make his people happy. Brutus also show Betrayal from saying that Caesar was ambitious which was one of the reasons that he kill or betrayed Caesar. In the Brutus speech he quotes, “ I honour him: but, as he was ambitious, I slew him”. Brutus says that one of his reasons for killing Caesar was because he was ambitious. Brutus tells the people of Rome that if Rome took Caesar as crown king that all of the people would become slave for that is what Caesar
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