How Did Brutus Betray Dante's Inferno

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In Dante’s inferno God created hell to punish sin. The lower the level; the more serious the sin. The lowest sin houses traitors but even below that the devil resides with the three greatest sinners in human history Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. One who betrays his benefactor comes closest to betraying God directly; which all three of these men did. The Aenied was written before the inferno; many believe that Dante based his discription of hell or at the very least drew inspiration from his beliefs of hell and its contents. One of the major stories that cast the most light of his description of hell is the one of Salmoneus. Salmoneus was an arrogant man who respected no one but himself. He demanded his people worship him just as they did the god Zeus.…show more content…
Parker 2 In the inferno, Judas was in the ninth circle of hell intrapped in one of Lucifer’s mouthes along with three others. Lucifer contiunally chomped down on him as well as the two others. Judas betrayed his benefactor, in this case god, just like Salmoneus betrayed Zeus. Which in his eyes was the equivalent of God in Judas’s eyes. In the Ae- niend Theseus traveled around abducting women such as Hellen. Theseus and Pirt- hous traveled to the outskirts of Tartarus for Pirthous. Then Tartarus sat down on a rock and felt his limbs get stiff. When he tried to rise he could not. Hellen herself in Dante’s Inferno was in the second circle of hell. Which were souls that were overcome by lust. They were stuck in an endless circle of wind. Even though they moved around they were still stuck in a swirl in the same place just as Tartarus was stuck on the rock. In Dante’s Inferno Phlegyas is the guardian of the river of Styx. He carries Dante and Virgil across the river from the fifth level of hell to the sixth. He’s not like every one else stuck in the mud. In the Aneid he is being tormented warning others not to de- spise the
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