How Did Buddhism Influence China

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How Did Buddhism Influence China: Buddhism was started by a man named Buddha. Buddha was a monk in india who believed in peace not war. Buddhism began in india as a minor religion. Buddha started to spread Buddhism first by getting his fellow monks to help him. About one year later Buddhism was one of india's biggest religion’s. Buddhism became so popular in india people who practiced built him a kingdom, naming Buddha emperor and he treated his people like family. But in 483 BC he died and his kingdom fell apart. Buddhism lives on even today because Buddha and the monks went to china before his death to spread buddhism there. Buddhism has eight factors which are; a person needs the perfect vision or the ability to see clearly, needs the perfect attitude, clear speech that is truthful and does not harm. A person should not take advantage of people, should have a…show more content…
Hinduism grew out of the beliefs of the Aryans as recorded in the Vedas. It’s one of the oldest religions in the world. Just like Buddhism Hinduism is still used today its most used in India were it came from. Hindu was an emperor, unlike Buddha he made Hinduism because he wanted to make his empire bigger then it was by having more than just one empire. In Hinduism there were three gods and goddesses Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu Brahma is the creator who sees all. Brahma is always drawn with four heads that show sight in all directions. Shiva is the destroyer and represents what destroys the old and begins the new. Vishnu is the preserver who maintains the order of all things. Vishnu is also why Indians don't eat or kill cows because they are considered sacred. If they do kill or eat cows they die but they do drink their milk but not as much as we do because “virtuous or pure – and drinking their milk not only increases consumers' productivity but produces no evil thoughts.” By Dean
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