How Did Bunker Hill Win The American Revolution

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The Battle at Bunker Hill, which occurred on June 17, 1775, lasted no more than two hours, yet it was one of the bloodiest and most important battles of the American Revolution. Despite being defeated by the British, American forces held their own, wounding or killing nearly half of the Redcoats who fought in the battle. The Americans had significantly less soldiers than the British and were running low on ammunition by the end of the battle. However, the Battle at Bunker Hill is significant to the American Revolution because it gave Americans the confidence they needed to continue fighting, eventually winning the revolution, and made the British realize that American forces were stronger than they had originally assumed. During the Autumn and Winter of 1774 tensions between the British and American forces grew. Colonists began mobilizing for war and the …show more content…

When General Howe felt he had enough men, he assaulted using two-wing formation and encountered the hidden obstacles as they attempted to get to the Provincial line. As the British approached, Americans held their fire until they could “see the whites of their eyes,” in order to have the most devastating effects. This plan proved to be successful in causing significant casualties. When Colonel Prescott ordered cease fire, British advanced, unsure if the Americans had fled, only to be hit harder by more musket fire. Howe was forced to retreat and regroup with more reinforcements in order to perform a final attack. Britain forces increased the pressure during the attack, leaving American forces worn out and with little ammunition. Eventually the British climbed the walls of the redoubt and engaged in bayonet fighting, causing Americans to flee. Overall the Americans proved that they could fight on equal footing with British forces and therefore had a good chance of winning the American

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