Why Do We Study Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine would be one of the important topics we studied these days. Byzantine Empire did a lot of things which had shaped the modern day and had effected Western culture.I strongly think Byzantine must be studied in schools. These reasons would explain why byzantine empire is so important Byzantine was an empire made after the Rome was disappeared. There were various of smart leaders in Byzantine such as Justinian. He wrote a book of laws which shaped modern days legal systems. The Byzantines defense was also great because it blocked the Islam army and protected many other countries. d had the strong defenses of Byzantine had halted the spread of Islam and saved the Western culture.This would be why we should study Byzantine Empire and…show more content…
According to Wikipedia “After the three good Emperors, the remaining Emperors ruled badly and again wasted a lot of money and soldiers. In the west, the Europeans betrayed the Byzantines and attacked their capital, Constantinople. The Byzantines lost their capital in 1204 and they did not take it back until 1261. The Byzantines were then divided into many smaller Greek states that were fighting with each other for the throne of the Empire.”Therefore which means that we don’t need to study byzantine because Byzantine empire collapsed by himself. In other words we also could say that because of fight inside of byzantine empire they wasn't able to survive from other attacks.In response to this argument I would like to argue back still it is worth because there isn't any history source we can’t learn. Which means that we could at least learn that we shouldn't fight inside because normally country falls because of split from inside.

In conclusion, Byzantine empire should be studied by Schools because it is worth to study. And in 21 st century we should investigate and study more about the reason why Byzantines empire has fallen . As a result schools should study Byzantine empire to improve students

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