How Did C. S. Lewis Impact American Culture

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The Impact of C.S. Lewis on American culture. “True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it 's thinking of yourself less” (C.S. Lewis) Clive Staples Lewis was a great writer who impacted many lives by his books. Lewis lived from 1898 to 1963 in Oxford. (Hamilton 2003) In his time he influenced many people to convert their religion, change their lives around and to simply pick up a book and read it for fun. In the time of Clive Staples life, he won many different awards, including the Carnegie medal, which is one of the most outstanding awards given to authors. Clive Staples is very well known for his strong faith in God, which later led him to write the chronicles of Narnia series. The time period of Lewis had a great impact on the way he wrote the things he did. Lewis’s college experiences had the most impact on the things he did and the books he wrote. Another experience that impacted his writing was the army. When lewis was injured, he decided to take classes at Oxford. He surprisingly fell in love with writing (Hamilton). He did not expect to like writing the way he eventually did. C.S Lewis eventually became one of the best Christian …show more content…

C.S. Lewis attended Malvern College from years 1913-1914 (Junior Discovery Authors). Before later attending Oxford University, Clive Staples Lewis joined the british army and soon became second lieutenant from years 1918-1919 (Junior Discovery Authors). After being wounded, Clive Staples Lewis decided to go to Oxford university. At first he did not enjoy his time there. He later became very fond of the writing he did there. His experience at oxford led to many great books that have been sold around the world even to this day. C.S. Lewis became apart of many different clubs for writers to share work and read others works together. Although C.S Lewis’ life was very complex, the end products of his writings were very famous around the

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