How Did Caab Calloway Influence The Harlem Renaissance

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Even though the Great Depression affected Harlem vigorously in 1929, the accomplishments, creativity, and glamour of the 20's did not expire immediately. The Harlem Renaissance was best understood as the new social and cultural landscape of the 1920s, because the Harlem renaissance kept breathing on even with the thought to end when the stock market crashed. The Harlem Renaissance was a ground breaking revolution that occurred during the 1920’s to the 1940’s. The name was given to the artistic, social, and cultural explosion that took place in Harlem, New York. Its high point included many talented and impressive African Americans who were doing memorable and exciting things in lively places. It published a Black America that was never revealed before.…show more content…
One individual who made a mark during that period was an energetic showman, talented actor, and trendsetter named Cab Calloway. Mr. Calloway was a passionate artist who made sure that he lived the dreams that he wanted to live. Growing up in a middle class family, his parents wanted him to become a lawyer like his father, but Calloway had different plans. He wanted to become a huge entertainer and found himself getting his start in local nightclubs. Soon, Calloway met other artists with similar dreams as his and decided to quit law school and joined a band called “The Albamians”. Being defeated in a battle of the bands by another group call “The Missourians”, Calloway later joined the group and was the lead singer. Calloway's dancing, funny personality, scat singing, and eye catching persona had made him a big time star and a million-selling recording artist. He continued with his performances right up until he died in 1994 at the wise age of
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