How Did Cabeza De Vaca Survive

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The Explorer’s Adventure Cabeza De Vaca had shipwrecked on the coast of Texas then walked around 2,500 miles around Mexico. As Cabeza walked he had gone through deserts, mountain ranges, and rivers. To make the trip better Cabeza and three others they became slaves for two years, they later escaped and continues their journey. He walked around Mexico and it took two years but the question is how did he survive? He survived because of his survival skills, success in being a healer, and respecting native Americans. Cabeza De Vaca survived because of his survival skills for example, “ He ate all he could find like rats, snakes, spiders, and etc.”(DOC B). He also took a horse leg hollowed it out then later filled it with water so he could use it as a water holder.”(DOC B). This shows the explorers skills because he had taken a horse's leg and emptied it out then filled it with water,that’s smart. “As the sun went down and the night came to 40 degrees Celsius Cabeza dug…show more content…
Therefor; the indians trusted them and helped them along their journey.”Cabeza De Vaca put in effort to learn four Indian languages and sign language,”(DOC B). The adventurer wanted to learn the languages and sign language to better understand and communicate with the Indians. So how did Cabeza De Vaca survive? He survived because had had survival skills, healing skills, and he respected others good or bad. The main idea is that Cabeza survived because, he ate what he could find and didn't complain he used any shelter he could find. He gained trust of others cause he helped and healed, and because he respected everyone. That's all he did to survive mountains, deserts, river, and many more physical features. My opinion is that he is a brave warrior who let nothing get in his
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