How Did Calvin Coolidge Become President

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Calvin Coolidge He was born in 1872 on July 4 in a small village in Plymouth notch, Vermont. He died on January 5th 1933 from coronary thrombosis and that is a blood clot in the heart. Calvin Graduated from Black River Academy in 1895. Calvin took office in 1923-1929. He was the 30th president of the united states. Before becoming president Calvin had a sister named Abigail Grace Coolidge. His sister died a few years after her mom. On August 3,1923 at 2:30 when visiting in Vermont Calvin he got the word the he was president. Calvin’s father was a storekeeper. His dad was also a local public official. Calvin had a wife named Grase Anna Goodhue and two son’s named John Coolidg and Calvin Coolidge jr . Coolige was president during the two
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