How Did Captain Arthur Phillip Become Australian

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Settlement or Invasion
On the 13th of May, Captain Arthur Phillip, born on 11 October, set sail to Australia to establish a new settlement, he took a year preparing for the voyage that was a complete success with to be believed only 69 had left or died on the voyage. Phillip was chosen to be captain of the voyage because he had an extensive knowledge of the sea and the ports that he would stop at he was also someone that would follow instructions without question. Phillip had served in both the English navy and Portuguese navy and had leaded a warship for Portugal while fighting the Spanish he had also spied on the French for the British twice. The decisions made before, during and after the voyage determines Australia’s outcome today.
Captain Arthur Phillip was no longer a Captain when he stepped ashore he was the first governor of Australia and a good one for both the natives and the English, even though the land already had people living of the country but they could take it because of the terra nullius rule, If the destination had no infrastructure or no European civilisation it would be
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Kevin rudds apology in 2007 was a delight for us to finally say to the aboriginal people and it has been a start for the two different kinds of people become united but as of now we are far from it. The land rights for Australia belong to the aboriginals and the lands that they hold close should be returned. Australia is a multi-cultured country now and has all kinds mixed races but we should respect the aboriginals just as much as ourselves and other kinds of people because they were the founders of this beautiful nation. NAIDOC week should be celebrated the same as Australia day is by Australians, with pride and respect for the land we live on and the natives as
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