Carthage's Conflict With Rome

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Carthage’s first conflict with Rome was due to the same kind of Government.
Carthage has two magistrates called the Suffetes, and they were similar to Rome’s Consul.
The council form of elders called the Hundred, that compared to Rome’s Senate. Their Assembly was called Comitia which was as much alike to the Romans, the only thing that separates their equivalent, was the way business was conducted in the government and economically (Morey,
Carthage real power was employed by the wealthy and prominent families and did not have a body of loyal citizens as Rome had. Carthage had the advantage that the Army’s
Command was placed in the hands of a permanent leader and not on the hands
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This was the commence of rivalry between Rome and Carthage with the goal of possessing the country borders on the Mediterranean Sea, having in count that Rome had acquired strength during the wars with the Latins, the Etruscans, and the Samnites, which created the foundation to confront the conflicts with Carthage, Macedonia, and Syria (Morey, 1901). Rome and Carthage were similar identical to their own strengths and resources, made them the two greatest rivals of the West, however, they were easy to compare, while Rome had a great organization. Carthage had greater wealth. Rome had a strong efficient army while
Carthage had the most powerful navy. Rome had a strong body of loyal and faithful
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Both shown their greatest success, Rome showed its greatest success in the darkest hours of the disaster, while Carthage’s greatness was its success (Morey, 1901).
The outbreak of the War in Sicily was the first conflict between Rome and Carthage, this war is known as the First Punic War. The Romans gain control of the cities of Messana and
Agrigentum after fighting with the Carthaginians and the people from Syracuse.
The Romans after keep experiencing a struggle against the Carthaginians’ navy in battle, they realized that the only way to overpower Carthage was to meet their power in the seas as, on the land, the downside of their navy is that they had a few naval ships. To compare their naval ships against the Carthaginians, they had five banks of oars called the quinquiremes, and the Roman had three banks of oars called the triremes. The Romans knew that they needed to build better ship or just give up the war, they took advantage of a wrecked navy ship on the Italian’s shore and they constructed hundreds of navy vessels in a matter of months, and their famous
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