How Did Catherine The Great Influence Russia

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Catherine the Great was born in the early 18th century who reigned in Russia that was a well remembered ruler. Before she was old enough to rule, Russia was ruled by Peter, who wasn’t a good ruler for Russia at the time. Russia was losing power and needed a good ruler to help them be strong again. When Catherine ruled she did many things to increase the power of Russia. In the end, Catherine’s achievements led Russia to continue to be prosperous. Catherine was a positive ruler that is remembered as a ruler who made Russia powerful and strong once again. During the 18th century Russia wasn’t in a stable place. Once Catherine started ruling, Russia slowly came back to be a powerful country. Catherine was born in Stettin, Prussia in the early 18th century. With Catherine being born in Prussia her mother, Elizabeth, had her marry…show more content…
For example, she built towns, renovated as long as expanded old towns in Russia. Since the Russian Empire was growing as she was making these accomplishments, she decided to build schools for the more extensive school systems that were created. Since she was very devoted to the arts, science, and politics. All of these led her to try to bring the Enlightenment to Russia. All of the success and positive impacts led for her view by the people to be positive. In conclusion all of the impacts helped Russia. With all these achievements occurring, Catherine had a very big impact on Russia and their people, she will be remembered for it forever. Over the time of her reign she expanded the territory of Russia at expense of the Turks. By the end of her reign she started to take part in three partitions of Poland. There was also characteristics that people didn't like about her also. For example, she was extremely infamous for her succession of lovers. She also wrote comedies, stories, and built monuments which made her more
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