How Did Catullus Influence Shakespeare

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The love of two people, what is more special than that? Their carnal instinct to be with one another. Gaius Valerius Catullus the famed Roman poet was lovestruck, for one special female, Lesbia. She was the girl of his dreams but there was one small detail that changed everything, she was married to another man. He did not care he loved her. He loved everything about her. William Shakespeare wrote about love and many other parts. Romeo and Juliet was the romantic comedy that has inspired many. He focused many of his great works around love, very similar to Catullus. Catullus was an original poet who made many advances within his field. Shakespeare, on the other hand, was not as original. He focused on many of the same things as Catullus and that is why Catullus influenced Shakespeare.
Gaius Valerius Catullus was born in Verona, Italy in 84 B.C.E. He came from a wealthy family and this means that he had a good education. Catullus was a part of the change, within poets. He was creating shorter pieces about his own feelings. This was something that was not as popular at the time. Catullus focused the majority of his work on his muse Lesbia. She was already
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Love is the center for both Catullus and Shakespeare. Their works bring passion and yearning to every reader. Whether it shows the passion between two individuals or the love one has for another both are aspects that fit into both authors work. When thinking of Romeo and Juliet it is childish but so is Catullus 5. They blend together and that is something that is very important. Catullus 5 shows how he wanted to kiss and be with Lesbia. Romeo and Juliet shows the love between two individuals, they long to be with one another for eternity. There are also parts where the authors show disgust and anger. Shakespeare 90 shows the distaste someone has for him. Catullus 16 shows the anger Catullus had over the actions of his friends. They were comrades but their actions towards Catullus over his poetry angered
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